MakeoverMonday 19-11-2018

November 19, 2018

This week #MakeoverMonday was looking at how house prices compare to salaries in a number of US cities.

The original visualisation is from -

What do I like about this:

What don’t I like about this:

I decided to just do a simple dot / lolipop chart, with colours to show the number of hours as per the original visualisation.

I originally had coloured the lines as well as the dots, but couldn’t get this to work with my chosen colour pallette. I think this is a better thing to do, but didn’t have enough time to come up with a good looking set of colours which also worked well for thin lines.

One key thing which is lost with my approach is the clear positioning of the cities. If you know the names / where the states are then you can ultimately get to this but the pattern of expensive costs vs cheaper interiors is less visually clear.

The dataset can be found on and my code is on my Github.

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