MakeoverMonday 24-09-2018

September 30, 2018

MakeoverMonday was focussed on global gender equality, with a dataset from Equal Measures 2030 which consisted of survey results asking global advocates about their priorities and converns around existing data sources.

I’ve been really struggling for time this week, so ended up looking into this nearly a week late, so this post will be brief.

The original report included the following two visualisations:

Original visualisation

What I like about this:

What I don’t like about this:

I tried to improve in these particular areas when creating my version.

As well as showing the two key bits of data which feature in the original visualisation, I wanted to try showing the Likert scale (1-5 scale) data which was also part of the dataset. I revisitted the excellent discussion of the best way to chart this sort of information from DataWrapper - on this occasion I decided to go with the recommendation made at the end of the article to use stacked bars with dual scales.

My chart

What I don’t like about what I did:

What I like about what I did:

Looking back now, I think this could be reduced to only two visualisations instead of three. The top “overall view” could be incorporated as a benchmark into the regional plots, for example by using a bullet chart or just a reference line. This would free up space and help with the amount of information being shown. Alternatively, the total could be added as an extra view within the region grid (perhaps with an “other regions” plot to keep the numbers even).

As a result of this visualisation, I got a bit more confident with arranging multiple visualisations on a single page using R and how to get the alignment of different pieces of text right - but this still took ages.

I also found it fairly frustrating how challenging it was to get R to order bars within a facetted plot - eventually I found some very useful code from David Robinson here which was really helpful.

The original data can be found here and my code is here. If you’d like to discuss this more, then find me on Twitter.

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