MakeoverMonday 31-10-2018

October 5, 2018

This MakeoverMonday was looking at the prices of avocados in the USA. The original visualisation looked like this:

What about the original could be improved?

I decided to stick with a line graph but split out the price of organic and regular avocados as seperate lines:

The key design decisions I made when producing this remake were:

If I was to redo this, I think I would try to also include the provided volume information (i.e. how many avocados are sold) as this provides additional information which is related to prices (e.g. are prices going up due to higher demand? or do high prices put people off buying?). It would also be a good idea to do a bit more reading / research and then offer some more explanation around why the prices might be rising, as the lack of explanation raised a lot of questions with people looking at the visualisation.

The original dataset can be found here and my code is on my GitHub.

I’ve now enabled comments on my blog, so I’d welcome any comments / discussion on what I’ve done!

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