Tidy Tuesday - 11-09-2018

September 15, 2018

This is a slightly late submission, didn’t have time during the week as I was at EARL for most of the week (hope to write a few words on this soon!).

This week the Tidy Tuesday dataset consisted of stats on the prevalance of pet cats and dogs across the states of the contintental USA.

Normally when there are datasets with geographical information in #TidyTuesday or #MakeoverMonday I tend to avoid any use of map based visualisation. Partly this is due to inexperience, in my day job I don’t come across many opportunities to work geographical data. However, in a lot of cases it’s also hard to effectively show a lot of patterns within the context of a map, and visualisations like bar charts end up being more effective.

This time I decided to branch out and use a chloropleth to show the data, and I do think it effectively allows you to see clear regional patterns in pet ownership. These spatial relationships are where map based visualisations excel.

I went through a number of different iterations before ending up on this final form:

My main takeaway is that when you already have easy access to the regions of interest (e.g. when you are working with US states) then it’s not hard to work with geospatial data using ggplot2. From previous experience things get a tad more fiddly when you need to start grabbing information from Google maps or finding/importing your own shapefiles, which is what tends to put me off in a lot of cases.

The full code I used to generate the plot is on my Github. If you’d like to discuss this visualisation then find me on Twitter.

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